Car specifications

  • Pontiac Firebird Trans AM 1988
  • Jerry Haas Race cars tube frame features 25.1G certificate 6.0 seconds
  • 1160 kg with the driver
  • Engine V8, 565 cubic inches / 9.1 litres, two carburettors, direct injection with N2O/nitrous gas
  • Power:
  • 900 horsepower with natural aspiration and racing fuel
  • 1500 horsepower with N2O/nitrous gas
  • Power glide 2 gear transmission
  • Rear axle 9.0’’ Ford
  • Rear tires Hoosier 432/51-16’’
  • Braking parachutes 2 pcs Simpson
  • It takes 7.5 seconds to cover ¼ miles / 402 m at the speed of 290 km/h



Why Kristo loves drive?

Kristo Tihvan, driver:

“I love winning each race and the whole competition. We compete in the index classes where the winner and the first one to cross the finish line needn’t have the most powerful/fastest car, but the one who knows one’s car the best and drives steadily with similar results and uses various strategies for winning.

Since 2016 we have been driving in the classes Outlaw in Estonia and Pro Street in Finland, where this is a team sport. The powers are huge and technology needs professional care after each race.

Any random moment during the competition may require from each team member action within a limited time frame by using all of one’s skills to solve the current situation, in other words, the rush of adrenaline is enormous. Each team member has chosen a specific role whose fulfilling is very important to achieve the team’s end result: winning at the finish line and car braked to stop at the end of the lane.”